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How to use internet in flight mode: Life hacks

Abhishek Raj
Written by Abhishek Raj

We all have an often experience of cellular network disability during flight mode.We can not make call, can not access to internet or even can not transfer files over wi-fi with others using any app.

There we feel a kind of trouble even after having a smartphone.

But don’t worry we have found a technique to overcome this problem.We will discuss in this article.Read this article till end.

What is flight Mode


Flight mode is a function in almost every phone.When flight mode is made enable it cuts all the cellular connections of a phone.

After enabling flight mode we can not connect to any device outside.

We can not make or receive call or run internet or transfer data.

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Why flight mode in Airplane

During travelling in airplane passengers are strongly instructed to either switch off their phones or enable there flight mode.Have you ever tried why do they say so?This is because after crossing  above a certain height the network range starts decreasing.

After that height the radio emission of the mobile phones reaches its peak.The radio emission of the mobile phones can disrupt the cockpit equipments.

This can cause the airplane to crash.That’s why flight mode is highly recommended in airplane during journey.

How to access internet while flight mode is on

Now after a long experiment the engineers have found a way to run internet even if the flight mode is on.Read the steps to access the internet during flight mode:
1.Enable the flight mode of the device.
2.Now go to dial paid and type *#*#4636#*#*
3.A new window will open.
4.Turn on the Mobile Radio Power.
5.Tap the option button at the right corner.
6.Finally enable data connection.
Now you can enjoy the internet even after the flight mode is on.
You do the experiment mentioned above at your own risk.

The publisher is not liable to any kind of damage to your device caused due to this trick.
Note: While travelling in an airplane one must follow the flying authority’s instructions strongly.

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