Understand do follow backlink and no follow backlink: seo tips for biginners

Seo basics
Abhijit Raj
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For newbies or begginers it is very necessary to know difference between dofollow and nofollow link atribute and in this article you will get all information related to dofollow and nofollow backlink.

Seo(search engine optimization) is very necessary to know before do-follow and do-follow backlink because every search engine works according to its algorithm and seo is base of any website or webpage.

Seo basics

Seo(search engine optimization) means making website or web page visible in search engine like google(all search engine).

Different search engine has different algorithm but in this article we will mainly focus on do-follow and no-follow backlink.

Do-follow and no-follow backlink come under link building. If you are thinking what is link building don’t worry you will understand clearly.
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In simple Link building refers to presence of your website link on other sites that results increase website visitors as well as help search engine to know about your site popularity.
For example: suppose you want to buy a car but don’t know about the locality very well. In that case you will ask someone about car showroom.In this situation people will tell you about famous one because they know it well.

In the book of Seo there is so many unfamiliar terms for newbies like noindex, doindex, no-follow, do-follow, meta robot and so on. These all terms are very important to Seo point of view.

Do you know

nofollow backlink

No-follow links are unable to influence the google( all search engine). But it is necessary to make some no-follow links.

Difference between do-follow and no-follow link building

No-follow links don’t give permission to search engine bot to follow. No-follow backlink will only be followed by human visitor so it doesn’t pass any search engine follow juice.
This is no-follow link example:
<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Google</a>
Google had cleared they don’t consider any no-follow link attribute but weightage of such link is really very less.

dofollow backlinks

While do-follow links permit search engine bot as well as human visitors to follow the link.
Do-follow links pass link juice as well as give backlink to website and web page. All normal web links are do-follow links.
Tips:You always try to make backlinks on those sites whose page rank is between 1 to 10 site. This site help you to check site page rank like prchecker.
Structure of do-follow link
<a href=””>Google</a>
All no-follow links can be made do follow simply removing (rel=”nofollow”) from no-follow links atribute.

Check backlink atribute

Before link building on any site it is necessary to know that site is giving do-follow or no-follow link. Don’t worry you can check it in simple steps.
simply download mozilla firefox seo extension if not and turn on its seo option which is below in right corner.
After turning it on, you will find red lining below no follow links of the sites.

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