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For begginers it is very difficult to decide which hosting plan as well as hosting service is better for WordPress.
I have also faced this problem in beginning and spent too much time in searching and analysing this.
So I have decided to write an article regarding such problems to save quality blogger time as well as valuable money.
I have researched on this topic almost a year and finally come to the conclusion. So don’t worry you need not to spent a year on searching on this topic. We have explained all about ‘how to set up a successful blog hosting’.
In the market there is so many website hosting service provider is available but it is very difficult to judge which one is better for your requirement.
I know so many questions arise in the mind of beginners: How are their services, How are their customer supports ( it is one of the most important thing) and many more.
In my opinion it is very important to first decide your blog niche and map your requirement. It will help you much in future. Don’t leave this article until you read it till end.

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Why don’t try free platform

blogging platformFree blog platforms are good for beginners who decide to create a blog in the future. Without experience it is not good to invest money on blog. So first of all be a blog boss on these free platforms.
I know you have potential to be a good blogger. So don’t worry we will explain about all trustable free blog platform that will help you.
1. Blogger: This is one of the most famous Google product. It was developed by Pyra labs and was bought by Google in 2003. Blogs hosted by Google at a subdomain of blogspot.com.
They also host registered Custom domain of blogger (like www.example.com). Single account can only hold 100 blogs. Blogger was developed in 1999.
You can use different type of template to show your different works. Location can be added to posts via geotagging. Right now service is provided in 41+ languages worldwide.
From 2013 Google is started to provide country specific URL address ( like www.yourname.blospot.country code).
2. Wix: Wix is a popular cloud-based development platform which run on freemium bussiness model. It was founded in 2006 by the Israeli company.
Like Blogger you can use custom registered domain. Wix user interface is simple and easily accessible. Wix provides fully customizable website template with drag and drop facility.
You can also create your own template from scratch. In 2013 wix introduced mobile editor that allow users to see mobile view of site at the time of edition. Wix mobile app is also available for users.
3. Weebly: Weebly is one of the popular web-service hosting platform. Weebly was founded in 2006. It’s user interface is easy and fully customizable.
It provides drag and drop website builder that makes it more easier to handle. In 2007 Weebly’s name was listed in Time Magazine among the Top 50 best website of 2007.
Website of different purposes can be created on Weebly platform such as Bussiness, Online store, Personal, Portfolio, Event and blog. It’s amazing guide system help you to create website faster.
They have best SEO tool that help website to get discoverable on Google. They have 200+ high-quality apps that make easy to add feature like appointment, Live chat, accounting and more.

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Which Plan is suitable ?

Web-hosting service provider have various type of plan for the client but mostly it is categorised into three types such as basic, Premium and Bussiness plan.
For the begginers basic one is perfect. Keep in mind in initial 3 month almost no one will visit your site.
So investing huge amount is not necessary, simply buy basic plan only for 3 or 6 months.
When you sense some visitors are visiting your site( at a time almost 100) then upgrade it to premium or whatever according to your need.
Basic plan is lowest one in web-hosting field and middle is premium which has some more facilities than basic.
Last and best one for high level bussiness is Bussiness plan which is much better than last two plans. It is not for begginers and middle level blogs. Now it’s time to discuss about best wordpress web-hosting companies.

Top-3 WordPress hosting(Recommended)

There are hundreds and thousands of web hosting companies are available in this market and all are ready to host WordPress.
It is bit difficult to find out which one is really best for wordpress. It is just like finding good environment to grow healthy flowers in this polluted environment.
I know one question is absolutely arising in your intelligent mind is that, ‘then how will I know which one is best for WordPress’.
1. Blue host: Blue host is one of the famous WordPress hosting company. It’s lightning speed server helps website to open very quicly.
Today it is at top in WordPress recommendation list. It provides 1-click WordPress installation which is one of the positive point of blue host.
We can claim for refund within 30 days if you don’t like blue host service. Blue host control panel is easy to use and with enhanced interface.
2.Dream host: Dream host has been totally committed to WordPress. It is in WordPress recommendation list since 2007.
It has now over 1 million WordPress clients. It provides 24×7 customer support that helps client to resolve problem as soon as possible.
3.Siteground: Site ground has power and easy WordPress managing tools. They have powerful security that protect client site from hacks and any malicious attack.
They have fast support team with advanced wodpress expertise available 24×7. Their service is fully upto-dated.
One can get faster WordPress site with NGINX based caching, CDN, PHP 7, SSD-drives and HTTPS/2.

Top-2 web-hosting (Non-recommended)

These two web-hosting service is not in WordPress recommendation list but it is best upon my experience.
1.Hostinger: It is best one out of recommendation list. Upon my experience its customer suppor service is not good but hosting is good.
It is one of the cheap and speed service provider company in the web-hosting field. You will get one domain as well as Encryption free for a year with every hosting plan that is good one.
You can also get your money back within 30 days but don’t think so you will not get it back because their support service is too bad.
According to 2017 analysis it has 29 million users. They provide potential to WordPress site to load faster. You can get latest version of PHP which is core of site speed.
2. Godaddy: It is also famous web-hosting with 17 million+ client worldwide. It’s user interface is very easy.
One of the best thing about godaddy is that you can scan your website at regular interval.
Like hostinger it als hosts WordPress website faster. You can get 24/7/365 customer support. You wont get free domain with godaddy web-hosting.

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