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Top-5 alternatives of google adsense

Abhijit Raj
Written by Abhijit Raj

Within the decade drastic changes took palce in the internet world. There is no doubt that blogging is the best and consistent platform for blogger to make money. Today google adsense is the most popular and easiest advertising platform.Most of the blogger is connected to.But there are too many alternatives of adsense.

Large number of bloggers are making consistent monthly income from Google Adsense. Many bloggers boosted their income to four digits per month.

I know Google Adsense team strictly watches the activities of bloggers and accordingly they have made their rules and regulations too difficult.
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I also know many bloggers’ application is rejected because their blogs don’t follow the adsense policy.

Google ad review team never clear the reason of application rejection. If you are one of those rejected blogger then don’t worry read this article till end.

In this article we have explained top-5 adsense alternatives and you can monetise your blog evenafter adsense rejection.


Media.NetMedia.net is the best alternative of google ad platform. It is the network of Bing as well as Yahoo.

The founder of media.net is Divyank Turakhia who is a Serial Internet Entrepreneur.

Media.net revenue rate is higher than adsense because it’s ad is mostly seen by American.

Media.net platform is more lucrative and easy to access, as well as provides mobile supported ad.

You can customize ad formate( size, color and shape) to blend with your site and blog. Minimum payout threshold is100$. They use PayPal and wire transfer to pay their publisher.

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Google AdsenseInfolinks is one of the great alternatives of adsense and one of the most popular ad platform in the web market.

Till now it has 240 million monthly user and 1.5 billion monthly ad views. It is the 6th largest advertising site.

Infonlinks simply changes your text into ad link. The great part of infolinks is that it’s ad doesn’t occupy space on site.

Infolinks doesn’t give a single penny for ad impression but rather pay only per click.
It automatically converts content keywords into ad and show advert when visitor hover their mouse over the link.

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MadAdsKontera is one of the most powerful in-text ad platform. It is the best alternative of google ad platforms.

It is now know as “Amobee”. Its advertising mechanism is just like great ad platform Infolinks.

Amobee provides site content as well as visitor relevant ad that benefits publisher. They turn relevant keyword and phrases into hyperlink ad.

Amobee provide freedom to customize hyper links colour, control the density of text link and even restrict to turn any specific keyword into text ad.

They help to generator high revenue from mobile as well as pc ad.

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ChitikaChitika is one of best alternatives of google adsense. It is widely used advertising platform.It has 500,000+ publisher and shows ad where and when the user want.
It pays to more than 200 countries and in more than 150 currencies.

Chitika pays funds to their publisher through Payoneer. They transfer revenue to Payoneer account when it crosses $50. They don’t accept other than Payoneer account.

Chitika allows publisher to show ad- no matter size of site and volume of visitor. You can use chitika ads as well as adsense on same site but too much ad can decrease your impression rate.

Chitika provides freedom of customization of ad formate( can change colour of link, text and background) to blend with site content. They also show local ad.

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5.MadAds Media

alternativesMadAds media is good alternative of google adsense to generate revenue from site content.

It offers so many campaigns including CPM, CPC, CPA, and CPL. Site must have 10,000 page views per day to get verified from their team.

Website must be family friendly that mean site must not contain any vulgar content. They have 100’s of publisher and have potential to increase revenue.

Publishers have freedom to opt banner or video ad or both video as well banner for their site.

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