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SEO basics
Abhijit Raj
Written by Abhijit Raj

If you are newbie or begginer in the field of blogging then you need to know all these things to launch successful blog. Newbies or new comers feel some difficulty but don’t worry you will get here all tips to initiate a successful blog and do seo.

There are so many blogging platform in this cyber world but most popular one is wordpress which is used by most of the blogger.
In this article we will explain all things which is needed to do successful Seo. In the cyber Seo( search engine optimization) is very important.

If you understand it in simple mean search engine optimization is the way to make your article visible in different search engine.

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Today google is major search engine in this field. And google is very strict regrading Seo. If you want to rank your site in any search engine you need a good search engine optimization.

SEO basicsNow a day in the market you will find so many search engine optimization tools but best one is for beginner is Yoast Seo.According to me it is best for beginner as well as expert one because it saves too much time. And very organized.
Without wasting much time. I tell you that there are two types of search engine optimization:
1. On page SEO
2. Off page SEO

On page SEO

On page SEO in simple mean whatever search engine optimization is done from your own site dashboard. It is simple and in your hand so never forget to do it correctly.
1.It is necessary that your article should be in more than 300 hundred words and well explained about the topic.
2.Your article sentence must not be lengthy and not contain any difficult word.
3.There must be atleast one subheading in your article that is under h2 atribute. Don’t worry you will find this atribute in wordpress.
4. Your article must contain keyword atleast 5 times. Keep in mind it doesn’t exceed more than 10 times.
Keep in mind: During doing search engine optimization you must try to keep search engine optimization and readability good to rank your page in any search engine.
We have earlier mentioned about search engine optimization tool but once again search engine optimization tool is the medium that will help you to do good search engine optimization with zero knowledge in search engine optimization field.
Now it’s time to know about off page search engine optimization which is not fully under your control.

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Off page SEO

In this method you need to build a quality backlinks on different high page rank sites. You always try to create do-follow links during off page search engine optimization because do-follow link pass a backlink juice on search engine point view.
But search engine is unable to follow no-follow link of website and webpage. Those website which has more backlinks gets benefit of high page rank.
For example: suppose your article and any other website article have same on page search engine optimization but your website has less off page search engine optimization then in that case your article will not get priority.
Atleast but not least if you want your website rank in search engine then don’t compromise with search engine optimization.

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