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How to repair and maintain an earphone/headphone

Abhishek Raj
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You might have faced earphone wire problems many times. This has become a mind sucking problem to all wired earphone users. So, I have come up with a fantastic idea to keep an earphone safe. See below how to maintain a wired earphone/headphone?

Here we will start from one end of earphone to its another end. Means from earphone jack to earpiece. Let’s see it one by one.

How to maintain earphone jack?

Image result for damaged earphoneHeadphone jack is one of the most delicate part of a wired headphone. The wire near the jack is often damaged due to keeping in pocket. It is because of its turning, bending and twisting. So in order to avoid this turning and twisting, we need to take a simple step.

To keep the headphone wire safe from tearing we use a pen spring to keep the wire straight. We simply insert a pen spring in between the two terminals of the headphone.

See below how to insert a spring in between the two terminals of the headphone.

Some people also use electric tape to keep it straight but that’s not a good idea. Because these tapes causes degradation in headphone plastic covering.

Sometimes even jack becomes useless when our phone does not support it. It is bacause when we use a single headphone in many other phones. Its rings across the pin becomes unfit for the mobile for which it is made. So never us a single headphone with many phones.

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How to maintain wire?

Image result for dirty earphone wireWe often see that, the wire of our headphone becomes dirty. This makes the fantastic looking earphone a dumping earphone. To keep the headphone always new and bright. Do a simple thing.

We only have to do one thing. Take some cotton dipped into kerosine, petrol or spirit. Now using this cotton gently rub over the surface of headphone wire. You will get an amazing result. For more details and to see the result watch the video below.

How to maintain Earpiece?

The most effective enemy of earpiece is the water. Some people uses earphone during rain. This is nothing but an act to prove themselves foolish. Whenever water enters the earpiece it damages the different components responsible for the production of quality sounds. So, keep earpiece safe from water and moisture.

So, whenever you got in rain cover the earphone with plastic or some kind of it.

In case, if water enters the earpiece. You need not to worry anymore. Just keep it in sunlight or blow hot air on it for some time. Most probably after doing this your earpiece will start working properly.

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How to maintain Headphone jack socket of mobile?

Headphone jack socket in mobile sometimes starts misbehaving. Either it is not supported or starts giving messages like “Headphone not supported”. Aren’t these irritating? Yes, ofcourse. So, in order to avoid this problem. Do not insert the earphone jack of other mobile phones in your mobile phone and also avoid bending of earphone jack while inserted in mobile phone socket.

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These simple tricks will help you to keep your portable mini multimedia system always fit and fine.

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