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There are too many peoples who do not know the hidden features of android phones.Most of the people knows only to make and receive calls.Some of them also know to use camera, music player and video player.Here we are making an effort to make you expert to master the developer option.

How to Access Developer Opion

First of all, you need to unlock the developer of the android device.For this you will have to follow the steps given below:
(i) Go to setting.
(ii) Tap on the ‘About phone’ option.
(iii) Now tap on ‘Build number’ for seven times.About phone
(iv) A dialogue box will appear and confirm that ‘Now you are a developer’.
So it was all about how to unlock Developer option on an android device.
But it was not the final chapter of accessing the hidden features.There is too much to know about it.But worry not we will expertise enough to master the developer option.
Now we are going to describe some of its important options to use in common life.

1.Stay awake

stay awakeYou can use this option to make your display always ON when the device is connected to charger or PC through USB.This will keep your screen ON and the visuals will always appear.But we always suggest not to use this function until and unless you need it.This puts a negative remark on device. It was the first to master the developer option on your android device.

2.Process Stats

process statsThis option enables you to see the currently running apps or programs on your device.This option also provides the facility to Force stop the app if not too useful.You can stop the useless program or app by clicking on the app and tapping on the FORCE STOP.You will find unable to FORCE STOP some of the apps.But do not worry.

3.Show touches

Whenever you enable this option.You will see a light coloured round pointer on the screen beneath your finger.This is  very useful while recording the screen .This option is very useful for those who does screen recordings. You become to see your touches on screen as video when you master the developer option.

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4.Pointer location

developer optionAfter enabling this option you become able to see the recent touches between two different places on screen.This blinking will be in the form of a single line.After all it is an useless option for a common man.

5.Show surface updates

This is not an useful function for common user.After enabling this option the entire screen starts blinking.The screen will blink whenever you do any operation on the device.And this will blink till the operation is finished.You can use this function to analyse the operation time of any app or program.

6.Show layout bounds

deveioper optiondeveloper optionThrough this option you can see the boundaries of different components on the screen. This option is of no use. After you master the developer option you can see the boundaries of different components on the screen.

7.Force RTL layout direction

rtl layoutThis is an important option for left handed persons. This option is mainly provided for a better experience on android while using languages starting from Right hand side.

8.Simulate color spaces

This is an awesome function for the people who want a long battery backup. Through this option you can turn your colourful android smartphone into a monochrome device. Monochrome means Black and White.This option is also for them who can not see or have allergies with any one of the three primary colors.This option can also help you when you do not have a power source to recharge your phone.You can opt for ‘Monochromacy’ to extend your battery backup.The most useful benefit to master the developer option.

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9.Don’t keep activities

This is an useful tool for those who often forget to optimise their smartphones. The benefit of this option is that, as soon as you leave the program or app the system automatically closes that app.

10.Background process limit

This is also an important function of android for those who do not have a power source to recharge their phones instantly.Apps running in background also causes battery drainage. So in order to avoid battery drainage you can limit the background process as per your requirement.
After you master the developer option you become able to command your device as per your requirement.

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