Corning  introduces  Gorilla Glass 6, here is a complete food for you

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Image result for gorilla glass 6Recently Corning has introduced its latest product Gorilla Glass 6. This is the latest and the best version of GG till date. No doubt all the glasses of gorilla glass series has protected the  devices of consumers from breaking.

After  a  long research and experiments corning scientist finally engineered the most strong and durable glass to date. Here is a complete food for you about this new product. This new product will certainly add a strength in consumers’ devices.

Gorilla Glass 6 features

Image result for gorilla glass 6Gorilla Glass 6 is far better  and durable as compared to its previous version glasses. According to a study  a person normally drops his mobile 7 times in a year. Out of which 50 percent drop is 1 meter or below it.

These droppings causes  lots of damages to device and also to the owner’s pocket. So, Corning scientists engineered such a glass which can resist such droppings. This glass can tolerate a drop from 1 meter or above,  on a rough surface as mentioned on the company’s website.


It is also found that this glass performs better than GG 5. Gorilla Glass 6 is completely a newly chemically formulated glass. It is highly compressed glass which can tolerate even abnormal drops of the device.

You can think today the mobile phones we use are generally protected with GG 2.5 or GG 3. Only a counted number of handsets come with GG 5 and Gorilla Glass 6 is even better than GG 5. Now you can understand the standard of this glass.

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In addition to drop height and drop frequency tolerance improvements it will also meet the requirements of modern devices said the company official. After seeing this great engineering, we can say that Corning is committed to regular improvements for the consumers.

Currently GG 6 is under evaluation period. It is evaluated by multiple customers. Hopefully it will reach  the market in several months.

Gorilla Glass evolution and expansion

Image result for chemcor

Corning started its journey in 1960 to produce toughened glass under the initiative  ‘’Project Muscle’’. The first toughened glass manufactured by Corning was ‘’Chemcor’’. Until  1990s chemcor was used  in the fields of automobiles, aviations and pharmaceuticals.

1st electronic device with Gorilla Glass

Corning Gorilla Glass started its first electronic journey through Apple Iphone. Corning manufactured Gorilla Glass for mobile in february 2008 when Apple asked Corning to manufacture toughened glass for their iphone. And now it is installed in over 6 billion electronic devices.

GG’s journey

Version      Announced
GG 1      February 2008
GG 2     January 2012
GG 3     January 2013
GG 4     November 2014
GG 5     July 2016
SR+     August 2016
GG 6     July 2018

GG’s rivals

World  wide Corning  encounters mainly two rivals. Dragontrail and sapphire glass creates a tough competition for corning. Still corning is not very much effected as its technology is far ahead from them. But rivals are rival no matter how strong they are.

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Author’s opinion

Corning once again proved superior to its rivals. GG 6 is demo for the future protectives that how thin and tough they would be. This attempt of Corning is a lamp of hope for its consumers. I hope much more creative and engineered protectives from Corning because invention in not limited to any extent.

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