Today blogging is one of the high revenue generating platform for bloggers.Blogging helps bloggers to spread their opinion, idea, knowledge and etc to extreme corner of the world.Google adsense is just the most popular advertising platform.
Google advertising platform is only open for blogging site not for other sites.

Google Adsense is the simple way for website owners to generate revenue from their online content.
Onething to keep in mind is that google is very strict regarding it’s advertising policy. So Google don’t want any mistake from website owner.

adsenseGoogle advertising platform pays different price for different advertisement( depends upon advertiser as well as reason).

It’s revenue policy also changes with change in location like India, America and etc.
For Indian and chinese website owner it is necessary that their site must be 6 months old as well as website must fulfill all other terms and conditions (not applicable for blogspot and youtube.Blogspot and youtube have their own policy).

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Requirements for adsense approval

Adsense is very strict so before fulfilling it’s all requirements pls don’t try to apply for approval. Follow these steps to get in adsense platform.
1. Your site must have 20-30 post which contains 500 or more words.
2. At the time of applying you must be 18 years old. Otherwise your application will be rejected.
3. Your site must be in well organised manner means your site have menu related to your site aim and site must be visitor friendly.
4.Article content must be crawler friendly that helps google adsense crawler to show contain friendly advertisement.
5. Article content must be high quality and well explained about related topic.
6. High quality domain( like .Com, .In, .net and etc) gets approval quickly.
7. Low quality and vulgar contents containing sites don’t get approval.
As per google adsense rules and regulations crawler visit sites to know about website content.
According to website content google crawler shows advertisement and has more chance to get clicked. This helps site owner to generate high revenue.
Google shows advertisement in text, image and text and only image. It depends upon your choice during choosing ad format.

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Alternative of Google Adsense

There are too many alternatives of Google advertising platform.
2.Amazon display ad
9.Buy sell Ad
10.Adclick media
You can sign up on these site in case your website is not approved by adsense team or you want to increase revenue.

Hosted Account and Non-hosted Account

Hosted account is those which is connected to youtube, blogspot or hun page.

Hosted-account can be used to monetise any domain/website but it needs to connect and get verify from Google ad team. Revenue of hosted account is less than Non-hosted account.

hosted accountWhile Non-hosted account means those account which is not connected to youtube or any such sites. But it is directly connected to your site domain.

Time taken to get verified

According to google their review team takes atleast 3 days to verify any domain if it is eligible for advertisement.

But well organised sites get verified within 2 days.

How it works

Google adsense is the most widely used advertising platform that uses site cookies to display site relevant ad(means content related).
For example: suppose your are a lifestyle blogger and your site content is on lifestyle. Then adsense crawler analyse your site content and shows ad related to lifestyle.
According to google this system helps to display user friendly ad that generate high revenue to site owner.

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